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  1. hello,

    just want to have an idea about growing persimmon trees in our small block in northern canterbury area. whether weather in this area is suitable to grow this tree or not.
    or too cold to grow in this region?
    i saw most growers are in north island area.
    if i could get any advice , that will be great.

    • Hello Hannah – apologies for a slow reply to your comment on our website, I have just found your email amongst a lot of spam messages that had come in.

      You are correct – persimmons are a Noth Island plant, and then from Waikato up.

      Trees should be planted in full sun, and need long warm summers to ripen the fruit. Persimmons are cold sensitive, and are at risk of late frosts once buds have burst, or early frosts which would damage any fruit still on the tree.

      So unfortunately the South Island does not offer the best climate for groing persimmons.

      Kind regards
      Ian turk

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